Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Research Plan 2005

Genetic Transformation of Soybean (Glycine max Merril L) Via Particle Bombardment

The quick and best method to achieve genotype independent transformation in crops is the delivery of foreign DNA directly into regenerative cells. Micro projectile bombardment also known as particle bombardment or biolistics is presently used in researches to produce stably transformed plants in many economically important crops. It employs high velocity metal (gold or tungsten) particles to deliver biologically active DNA into targeted, published results show that embryonic or meristematic tissues are more transformable and are able to regenerate into transgenic plants. Transient gene expression can be observed in differentiated plant tissues, the expression of foreign genes is examined by visual and quantitative methods and the study of gene responsible for plant ontogeny can be possible.


The objective of the research is to improve the protein quality in soybean through particle bombardment.

Materials and Methods

Plant material
Preparation of recombinant Plasmid DNA
Isolation of plasmid DNA
Preparation of genomic DNA from Soybean Plant tissue
Identification, Isolation and cloning of genes responsible for coding beta conglycinin
(7S) and glycinin (11S) proteins
Preparation of recombinant plasmid DNA (Plasmid DNA and gene of Interest)
Somatic embryogenesis of soybean seed, Proliferation of tissue
Histochemical analysis
Selection for transgenic
PCR, Southern Blot hybridization
Development and maturation of embryo,
Desiccation and germination


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