Friday, June 30, 2006



I was born and brought up , had my education up to Higher Secondary School (grade 12) in Bhutan. I did my bachelors degree from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal sciences, IAAS, Nepal, taking Plant Breeding as elective subject. Right from my child hood I had interest in science, later in biology and then in genetics and biotechnology. The environment that I was brought up in, poverty in the hills and illiteracy among the people; made me think and work towards improvement of agriculture, increment of production and fighting against diseases, pests and weeds. Later studies made me realize that I can do much more than those. I can go deeper into the subject and try out many things which very few people want to try. I want to work with the genes, genomes and genetic transformations. I had a good influences of teachers, seniors and friends who talked about the wonders of biotechnology. Their talks were the source of my wonderment. They encouraged me to take up plant breeding as elective in the fourth year of my Bachelors (BSc. Agriculture). A key hole opened into my oppertunity. i was able to enter Kyoto University to continue my studies taking Plant Breeding as the major. Now I am working with the genetic transformation of Soybean. The title of my present research is “Improvement of Protein Quality in Soybean through Genetic Transformation”. Ref. Web: . Although I feel I have chosen a big target I am happy that have choosen it.

During my bachelors there were a few experimental works and even the practical works involved a lot of reading and writing than working. Now I understand through doing what I had learnt through reading. Everything is wonderment to me. I am working well. By March 2007 I will be awarded a masters degree. I expect to graduate with “grade A”.

I want to devote my life into the study and research of genes discovering their hidden mystery. I don’t want to limit my potential and discovery to a region or a country but I want to do a thing globally great. I expect warm suggestions and continuous encouragement from all.

Thank you

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Laboratory of Plant Breeding
Kyoto University
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